Mourning the Loss of Taylor Hawkins

On behalf of Huey and the rest of the boys, we are stunned and saddened to hear of Taylor Hawkins’ passing. The Foo Fighters family and the music world has lost a shining, bright, super-talented star.

The Foos are a real band of brothers, and Taylor’s contributions to that unit can’t be overstated. He could sing, he was handsome, he was kind, and he was a freaking maniac on the kit.

The first time I met Taylor was at a Foos show in Oakland. I had taken my teenage daughters (who were both in love with Dave Grohl) to the show and took them backstage to meet the guys. I walked up to Taylor in the green room and introduced myself, mentioning that I was Huey and the News’ drummer. He sprang to his feet and said, “No freaking way, dude, I grew up playing to your records!!“ He called Dave over to meet me and we had a great little chat (my daughters were in shock at this point). Taylor and Dave were as down-to-earth and kind as anyone I’ve ever met. 

We met again in Osaka, Japan a few years later when HLN and the Foos were both touring there. We had a night off and all went down to the FF show. Again, Dave and the entire band were super gracious to us, having our entire entourage backstage before the show, and inviting us to go to dinner with them afterwards.  I was standing on the side of the stage watching their show when it came time for Taylor’s solo. He played like a Tasmanian Devil for about 10 straight minutes, and if you’ve ever sat down at a set of drums, you’ll know that this is no easy feat. It was evident (I speak from first-hand experience) that Taylor was running out of gas, so to speak, and at that moment the monitor mixer leans over to me and says, “I can tell he’s really trying to impress you.“ Well, mission accomplished.

I have always been a big FF fan, and Taylor’s drumming was so perfect for them. Our heartfelt condolences to Taylor’s wife and kids, and the entire FF family. They, and we, have lost a brother. Rest in Peace kind sir.

Bill Gibson